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NIXA Country * On-Air Personalities
                       Kevin Nixa was born and raised in Southern California (Hemet). He began his radio DJ career with in 2002, where he was the morning DJ playing country music during his time slot "NIXA in the Morning Time". His slogan became, "Good Morning World, Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey". 
In December 2004, Kevin started the station. In addition to on-air personality, he also organized several LIVE venue events, including the Fontana Race Fest for NASCAR in September, 2005.
     Kevin Nixa and Val Jean started attending several venues in January, 2006, featuring many independent artists.  NIXA Country was conceived during this time and was launched on May 15th, 2006. The co-founders shared the hopes and dreams of creating a unique tool to help support country artists and promote their music. Although terrestrial radio is not unique, the use of internet radio to promote independent country artists seemed to be the tool needed to truly share the music with the fans.
                      Val Jean was born and raised in Southern California. The song, "Takin' Care of Business" was dedicated to her in Junior High, proof of her desire to become a business woman. She grew up with a great sense of business, 'playing office' at her dad's desk until he really put her to work at age 17. During the next eight years, she ran several business for her father, including construction, dairy farming, pallets, and land development.

     Val has always enjoyed music. She was on the band committee for the Junior-Senior Banquet in high school, visiting garage bands to pick the best. Val's friends started a band after high school and she managed them, setting up gigs at local venues.  Mother of four children and divorced in 2001, the children were self-sufficient, which allowed Val to pursue her favorite things. All of these things, music, business, and photography, came together in 2003. She attended as many LIVE country shows as she could find. As many as 21 shows in 10 days in Las Vegas during NFR, 2004. Lots of music, lots of pictures, and lots of memories!
                      Sean "BULDER" Shanahan was born and raised in Southern California and has always had a love for music, even started playing drums in the 4th grade. Bulder started to DJ while stationed in Okinawa Japan with the Air Force on various bases on island and at "Whiskey River", a local country bar in town, in effort to boost troop morale. During his time in the Air Force and for the past 15 years Bulder has developed an extensive collection of music. Bulder met Kevin and Val in 2006 after the launch of Nixa Country and his interest in learning more about radio began.

     Bulder went to Nashville to attend the "Worlds Largest Fan Club Party" 2011 which boosted his interest in radio further. At that point Bulder decided to start the large project of uploading his music collection to his computers which totaled, at that time, just over 12,000 songs! It wasn't long after that point, with the help of Kevin and Val, that on December 15, 2011, was launched as a sister station to Nixa Country! NashVegasRadio made its debut in Nashville during the "World's Largest Fan Club Party" 2012 during CMA Fest.