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     Nixa Country is an Internet Country Radio Station introduced in May 2006. Nixa Country has become a viable source in recognizing excellence in the field of Music through a wide array of listeners and exposure. We present our support to individuals and organizations displaying excellence in our industry. Our goal is to connect artists, agents, promoters, labels, and country music fans.

     Nixa Country is America’s main street for the widest variety of country music, featuring original programming, special interview performances and live concerts during events, and is the exclusive interview source for:

“What’s Hot? What’s New? In Country Music…”
Nixa Country is available anywhere you are able to log into a broadcast - via the internet

About NixaCountry:
Why Advertise On NixaCountry?
     Internet advertising and social media is one of the fastest growing forms of media advertising available. In this day and age, if there is zero internet presence for a business, a business is missing out on over 970 million consumers who are on-line, that’s approximately 15% of the world’s population of 7.07 billion in 2011 so far.

     Imagine if you had just 1% of the world as your customer . . . is here to help you capture the customer you’re looking for. With a worldwide listener base is definitely reaching your target market.

Your company’s goal is to drive traffic to your website or sell products online? 
     Then it makes sense that you'd work with a Radio Station that’s on-line as well. While a consumer is listening to Nixa Country, they can immediately access your website with radio spots or clickable banners ads. Bill Gates said it best, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” All of which makes Nixa Country the preferred Media Network for businesses worldwide.

“Tune In & Turn It Up!”
NIXA, Co-Founder & CEO of